Photo Wedding Invitations

The date for the most beautiful and special day of your life has been set.  The dress is bought and the honeymoon planned.  Now is the time to decide how to invite your loved ones and special friends to celebrate with you.  Photo wedding invitations are a wonderful and unique way to set the tone for your special day and to entice all the people in your life to come celebrate with  you.

Some things to think about when creating your photo wedding invitiation are:

  • Color or Black and White - do you want your image to be in color or in black and white?  Each has it’s artistic merits. Yet, each creates its own tone and flavor to your invite. And you want to make sure that the image matches well with the rest of the invite design.
  • Image - do you want a romantic image of you and your fiance holding eachother or do you want a shot of you two in the midst of skydiving?  What the image is of will play into the theme of your wedding.  For a quiet church wedding, you may want a conservative shot of you two standing together, holding hands. For a fun beach destination wedding, you may want a picture of you both surfing!
  • Wedding Theme - the theme of your special day should be communicated to your guests via the invitation they receive.  For formal weddings, your photo wedding invitation may show just your faces looking out over a beautiful landscape.  For a more relaxed theme wedding, perhaps the two of you can be dressed in costume or shown doing an activity.  Any theme is easily shown in a great photo showing the two of you.
  • Shape of the Invite - the shape of your invite may dictate what shape photo you want to use.  In some cases, the photo itself can be the whole page.  The design options are endless to help you build a photo wedding invitiation that speaks to your love and your true personallities.

 Receiving a photo wedding invitiation in the mail showing the smiling faces of your loved ones is a joy for any guest invited to a wedding.  It sets the tone for the celebration and makes one excited!  It is also a keepsake for anyone who receives a unique and special invite.  Suitable for a frame or for a scrapbook, photo wedding invitations are a perfect way to help make your dream wedding a reality.

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