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Bundaberg Photography Experts – Steve and Susha Shulenski specialize in the creation of fantasy glamour portraits of people and pets throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. When it comes to wedding photography, look for wedding photographers who specialize in weddings only. Likewise, when it comes to Glamorous Portraits of you and your loved ones, look for someone who specializes in creating glamour portraits only. If you needed a Heart Operation or Brain Surgery preformed you would’t want a General MD to take care of you would you?

Of course not. You would want to go see a specialist.  So when it comes to having glamorous portraits created in towns like Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, and even the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, you only have a few Qld photo companies to choose from because most photographers try to do it all and they do not specialize like we here at Enchanted Portraits do. I believe that most people in Bundaberg Qld, and elsewhere simply don’t seek out the best portrait creation specialists for a variety of reasons. When it comes to Bundaberg Photography Shoots most people end up paying a small fortune for production line photos taken by camera operators working for the big photo chains that everyone see’s photographing from time to time in the local shopping centre.

Now you know which Bundaberg Photography Deals I’m talking about, right? It’s not any of the local photographers who you can easily find by typing the words “Bundaberg Photography” in to Google. Nope, I’m not talking about studios that are owned and operated by real photographers. I’m talking about the ones who hire young kids at $18 per hour to operate their shopping centre locations. And if you’re a mother with young children you dread it when you go shopping and are cornered by several sales people and roped into having your child’s portraits taken again. Now some people can’t tell the difference between good, bad and ugly portraits. All they care about is that the pictures are clear, close up shots of smiling faces and any local Bundaberg photography studio you find on Google or advertised in the yellow pages is capable of doing a better job for you then the Shopping Centre Camera Operators will.

So the next time your out shopping with the kids, don’t let them “Get You” with their overpriced portrait packages. Why pay $1000 for a dozen sheets of paper when Enchanted Portraits will give you more than “Twice The Quality At Half The Price” ? Even better – Bundaberg Photography Home Portrait Parties by Steve & Susha of Enchanted Portraits now offers you a way to get all of your glamour, fantasy, pet and family portraits for free by simply hosting a portrait party in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We also shoot one day each month at the Bundaberg School of Arts building on Bourbong Street located across the street from the Bundaberg Post Office.

The Bundaberg School of Arts building is the big two story pink coloured building adjacent to the Bundaberg City Council Chambers. When it comes to Bundaberg Photography parties there are none better than Steve & Susha of Enchanted Portraits. Want proof? Don’t take our word for it because we are definitely more than a little bias in our own favour. Here’s what you can do to prove that what we boast is true. Turn your computer on and do a Google search on the words “Bundaberg Photography” and without looking at the names of the photo studios that took the images shown on Googles page results, chances are you won’t be able to tell which Bundaberg Photographer created which image because they all look alike.

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