Engagement Photography

Booking an engagement session serves many purposes. Some couples want to get beautiful pictures for their wedding invitations, others see it as a step to becoming more familiar with and relaxed before their wedding photographer, and finally, some couples simply want to celebrate the amazing moment in their lives. Whatever the reason is, there is always one important thing about every engagement photo-shoot: there is love.

What to expect?

Imagine that you and your fiancé take a day off work and head to your favorite spot in or outside of the city. Perhaps, it's a place where you first met, kissed, or where he proposed to you. Perhaps, it's a busy coffee-shop at Michigan Ave, or a small park in between tall buildings. Since you're heading there on a weekday, that place may be quieter than what you're used to which makes the atmosphere more intimate. The two of you start talking about the nicest moments in your life, how you met, how did your first date go. You tease him about that silly thing he did on one of your early dates and you both laugh. The time goes by and the love keeps you focused on each other. It's your moment, there is no one to disturb you, it's your day. And... it's your engagement photo-session.

About the photographer

Tasneem (Taz) Luto is a professional photographer who's worked hard for many years to get to call herself a "professional." She's spent hundreds of hours photographing engagement sessions and weddings and she never gets tired. She says that being able to witness the beauty of love and happiness as it radiates from couples is the most rewarding experience that photographer may ask for. And, setting up an engagement session is one of the best ways to capture such moments because it provides you and your fiancé with the intimacy that you need to truly enjoy each other's presence. While Taz does wedding photography as well, she really loves taking engagement pictures which is much different from wedding photography. The difference is that the couple isn't surrounded by family and friends and can truly focus on each other. Tasneem provides some direction during the photo-shoot but she's great at helping the couple forget about the camera and engage in enjoying the moment with each other.

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