Baby Photography Classes And Meghan Kuhn’s Photography

Meghan Kuhn is a fellow photographer from Miami. She has been taking photographs for a long time. She is self taught and did take some of my classes at a later date to fine tune some of her techniques. Believe me, there weren’t many to fine tune! Meghan’s work has a fine quality. Meghan has a very sensitive eye and know how to capture beautiful expressions.  She understands people and brings out the uniqueness of each one in her portraits. Meghan Kuhn did a  trial test with all our baby photography classes and she has shared some of her beautiful photographs. Meghan has already been photographing on her own and her baby girl is not a new born but she was able to use the techniques with her child.

She also used the techniques on other photo sessions. Here are some of her images:

Photography by Meghan Kuhn

I love this photograph of her child with the scarf covering part of her face. It added a bright color and made the photograph so dynamic! The lighting is warm. The focus is super sharp. Look at those beautiful eyes. Eyes have to be very sharp when photographing portraits. And she got a perfect expression! When I look at this photo I feel such big connections to this lovely baby girl. She grabs you with her eyes.  Such a beautiful photograph!

Photograph by Meghan Kuhn

These photographs had a special theme. The background was chosen to blend with the color skin and it’s working so well. She was able to capture some wonderfully fun expressions. Look at the difference of when the child is looking at the camera and away from the camera. You can change the feel of an image just by changing a pose.

Photography by Meghan Kuhn

Meghan did these fabulous photos with a lot of creativity. She created her own backgrounds. Each one has a special feel and atmosphere. Look at the creativity and fun that you can apply to baby photography. These photographs are of a newborn. New born are so much fun to photograph because of all the props that can be used.  Photographs can be made to look very festive.

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