Baby Photography Choosing A Theme For Your Photo Session

Before doing a photo session start to think about the theme of the photo set.  Pinterest allows us to do theme boards and what is even better is that we can find everything on Pinterest! You may also do a theme board on Photoshop or any other way you prefer. Lets say that the theme is the ocean and the photograph will be of  a boy.  I went through some of my photographs and picked a few images.  This will help me start thinking about what props I will want to use.  Blue fabrics, maybe some toys for the sand games, fishes or fish nets.  I will continue to think about how I can implement all this into the photography set.

Here is my Pinterest Theme Board

My Pinterest board has a lot more to see as I was able to find old cars, nets and all sorts of goodies that are helping me develop my ideas even more. Tips:  Make lists of your favorite colors, sports, hobbies and get ideas from those things.

Could retro be the photo main theme?  How simple can I make that?

Don’t forget that the idea is to get as much as you can and then edit it out.  You want the photograph to be simple and elegant.  It’s all about the baby or the child.  If you fill your set with too many things the main subject will get lost in there.

It will be like “Where is Waldo?”.

You may just want to have everything white and create a soft atmosphere.  You may want vibrant colors here and there. Maybe clothes should have some vibrant colors in the details such as buttons or a bows. Sometimes a really bright set will be fabulous and then you can dress or wrap the baby in a soft and pastel color.  So many possibilities! When I am thinking of a theme I spend a lot of time researching.

A special note:  I love to research.

You may prefer to jot down a few ideas and start. We all work in different ways and that is the beauty of art. We will develop our ideas and implement them in very different ways. I used to teach a class that I would give the same 10 objects to students and they would have to create a theme.  It was rare to see people come up with the same thing.  Sometimes it was close but the way they showed it was very different.

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