5 Tips: Summer And Family Photography

A while ago I was thinking about what was it that I liked most about my family life.  The first thing that came to my mind was the summer beach vacations.  I remembered the house full of kids, the sand the ocean, swimming, getting too much sun and eating ice cream. I talked to a few friends who came up with similar stories. As a family we create memories and stories.  These stories get passed on. Why not create family photography that goes along with the stories?

So my question is how will you create your memories and stories?  Here is a great opportunity to photograph spontaneous things and to get some fun shots.  Document the family outings and the quiet times too. I have a friend that creates a book using Blurb every fall.  Her book has the her summer stories in there.  If they take a trip the book becomes more fun and if they stay at home she creates fun outings so that the vacation is still memorable.  There is nothing more fun than looking at an album and remembering the fun times or a great place!

Family Photography: Tips for You

1) Make ice cream and make them super colorful.  Anything in the kitchen will be fun.

2) Photograph at the pool or the beach.  Take accessories to make this more fun.  Colorful towels, fun hats and sunglasses.

3) Go to a park at the end of the day and get some nature in the background with that golden sunset light!  (remember the bug spray!!)

4) Take photos of you and the family:  Use a tripod and put your camera on a tripod.  This is so worth it.  The family photographer never gets in the photographs!  You need to do this!!!

5) Create a mini story:  What is your children’s favorite story?  You can have them dress up like the characters, or just use the colors of the characters.  Create a background that will be part of the story.  Do this at home or at  a park or beach.

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